How Generational Groups Shape Your Film Marketing Strategy

Generation marketing is a content marketing strategy that identifies different generational groups of consumers and their consumption habits. Distinct life experiences shape the consumption preferences, types of entertainment preferred, lifestyle choices and purchasing habits of each generation.

Generation Marketing Concepts


Generational marketing is a growing part of the content marketing industry. It can help filmmakers gain an advantage over competitors through more personalized advertising campaigns and product launches. Generational marketing can help content creators adapt their offerings to meet the needs of specific age groups, which is especially important during times when the economy shifts dramatically or when technology changes rapidly.

It is used by many businesses and in several related sub industries to analyze their target market potential.

You need to know what media a generation is using, where they are using it, when to communicate, and what to say in your content if you want to curate content that has an immediate impact according to an audience’s buyer persona. That can make or break a content marketing campaign.

For example, if your film’s target demographic is Baby Boomers. This generation is looking for ways to improve their well-being and films that will emulate that feeling will in many ways help them achieve that goal. Understanding the key characteristics of a generation right now can be very important for filmmakers seeking funding for their projects.

Meet Your Content Target Audience Where They Are

Marketers need to meet their audiences where they are. This could be in a short film, streaming network, Tiktok for Gen Z or Snapchat for millennials. It could be magazines or newspapers for older generations. Relying on live data to understand these nuances is critical to optimizing media spend and ensuring the greatest number of engagements for the least amount of money. Data analysis identifies the dominant channels and buyer personas for each generation, enabling marketers to tailor their messages accordingly, maximizing engagement within each channel by focusing on the most valuable audience segments.

Trending Content Topics

At last, trending content is a reality. Not monitoring what content is trending with a generational audience and when it is trending is a huge mistake. You cannot assume that your content will be effective with target generations based on theory alone; you need to know if content is trending, with who and most importantly when. It is best to promote your project when the content for your film is at the beginning stages of an uptrend.


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